Star Wars Cookies – The Last Jedi!

In our household the day a new Star Wars movie comes out, is treated like a holiday. In fact for the last few years, it has fallen on or very near my husband’s birthday and or Hanukah, so it’s always extra worthy of celebrating. That being said, because they often come at the busiest time of my year, it took me years to actually make a Star Wars cookie set.  And to add some wife shame, the first set was made for someone else’s birthday, not my own husbands. The second set, also not for him. SORRY!! I’m clearly the worst. In my weak defense, I will say he does get to heavily weigh in on the designs options and is probably the reason that I went a little over the top on this last set and made 14 different designs for him to look at and enjoy until they went off too their new home.

Anyhow I digress, cookies. The new Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi” premiered last night and I was asked to make 150 Star Wars cookies, any designs my little heart desired for a company party today. The results a mash up of what I consider some of the best of Star Wars old and new.

The whole gang! All 14 designs: Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers,R2D2, BB8, C3PO, tie-fighters, light sabers, the imperial and rebel insignias (and a cool mashup of both!), a Death Star Chewbacca and my new favorites, the Porgs! Did I get your favorite?


My favorite characters of the bunch, the light side gang. I was a big R2D2 fan, when my hubby introduced me to the movie and when the new movies came out I quickly added BB-8 to the list. I have a thing for robots with attitude, what can I say. When the new trailer came out, of course, I fell in love with the Porgs, who look like angry, furry penguins. Here’s hoping there as lovable in the movie as I imagine them to be in my head. And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete set, without Chewie and the lovely and iconic, Princess Leia. All of the cookies in the set were made with my Sweet Sugarbelle cutters, yes I am obsessed. I was particularly proud of the Leia, BB-8 and Porg cutter repurposing because it was so darn perfect, if I do say so myself. Any ideas what the two cutter were?

And because it’s fun when you have over 100 cookies in your procession, to try to take a picture of as many as you can at once.


For all of you purists, this a bit of the grittier, originals of the set.

Did I mention that I’m excited for porgs? I already bought a stuffed one as Disneyland, I wanted at least 5.  He will be watching the movie with me tonight while I wear my R2D2 shirt, so in my head we will look something like this at the movie theatre, plus popcorn of course.

Are you excited for the new movie? Who is your favorite character and who are you most looking forward to seeing in this one?

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