Aint No Party Like a Cactus Party

I get a lot of very specific requests for designs, so specific that I often tend to skip over the large trends and popular themes making their way through the internet. So needless to say, I was thrilled when I saw the most succulent, cactus invitation (see what I did there?) for an engagement party. Who doesn’t love a cactus?! They are so funny and unique, each one different than the next, and when I set out to make them, I had no real plan in mind, but the best of intentions to of keep them pretty, but also a little weird/whimsical- a combo I’m starting tho think might be my specialty.

The set consisted of 5 dozen cactus and engagement cookies to celebrate the couple for a party in Lake Havasu, and another 5 dozen cupcakes. I admit I got a bit carried away with the variety, of designs but don’t I always. And it’s cactus – is there really any other way?!

One of my favorite parts of this set, aside from the dreamy colors, are the textures. I used a whole slew of new wilton tips and tried out a variety of ways to use each of them to capture the unique features and textures of the cactus. I tend to stick with a certain few, but I really had fun trying out the options and using them in different ways.


For the cookiers out there, you might recognize the cutters as something familiar. I repurposed several Sweet Sugarbelle holiday cookie cutters to make this set come to life including her flower, circles, Halloween eyes, zombie grave, and Christmas ornaments. There are a few more traditional cutters mixed in as well like the Ann Clarke cactus and one of my favorites just might be the tiny cactus which is a cutter I picked up at CookieCon from Truly Mad Plastics.

The cupcakes were done using those same tips, some really lovely sprinkles – which I have now perfected as the “cactus mix,” royal icing cacti and edible, wafer paper cactus toppers.

I’m digging wafter paper lately and I’ll be sharing more on that, but these were airbrushed to match and I think they are just the perfect touch.

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