Life’s a Happy Song Wedding Video – Countdown Day 5

When it comes to music our taste is a bit all over the map and we didn’t choose much of our music till the final months. But there was one song in particular that we knew for sure had to be in the wedding. Most couples have a song, but at this point it should be no surprise to you that ours involves the Muppets.

We had anxiously awaited the premiere of the Muppet’s 2011 movie and it did not disappoint. Just one listen to “Life’s a Happy Song”, and it is impossible to not be singing along by the final chorus. The moment we heard it, it became “our song.”

It wasn’t long after we got engaged that we started discussing how we’d mix the song into the wedding. Clearly a reenactment of the movie scene using members of the bridal party, and our French Bulldog Huggs (the closest thing we own to a Muppet) was our best option. Since most of the bridal party were from out of town, we figured we’d put together a surprise video to be shown to the guests. We did all of our own singing and editing. Most of it was filmed in our around our home, but sadly we do not own the tiny boat.

During the cocktail hours, guests were shuffled into one side of the room to watch the video projected on the wall. On the big musical interlude we flashed a screen that told everyone to turn around, and while they were doing so we made a grand entrance into the party with the bridal party singing and doing a choreographed dance to the finale of the song. Towards the end of the video you will see clips of the wedding, that’s where we came in and did our thing. There were a few missed steps, but everyone was smiling big and singing loud!

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