Why Everyone Needs a Wedding Planner – Countdown Day 4

Wedding planners are like angels, well good ones are. I can’t speak for what can happen if you don’t get a good one, but I imagine you could find yourself  one of those worst wedding fails lists.

Our wedding planner Beth, of Beth Slavin Productions, was one of those angel planners I mentioned. A pleasure to work with, she made sure things ran smoothly, put everyone at ease and handled every fire that came her way. Experienced with weddings and other big parties, Beth knew what she was doing every step of the way and her confidence gave everyone else confidence. She was also an excellent friend throughout the process. I would say the friendship part not be so standard with every planner, but in Beth’s case, she has families who have used her for generations of events, so I know we are not the only ones who think she’s the best.

Wedding Rehearsal |

Beth leading the boys through the rehearsal.

As a fan of the party planning myself, I almost did not get a wedding planner. With a modest budget I wasn’t sure I wanted to use it to pay someone to do what I could do. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized some important factors.

9 Reasons Why You Need an Wedding or Event Planner:

  1. On the day of there is really nothing you can do or should “do yourself.” Your wedding day is not the time to be running around doing last minute things. You should not have to worry about where everyone is or what they are doing. This is your day!
  2. Family members shouldn’t have to do it either. It’s easy to put tasks onto your family as they are often eager to help, but it’s their day too – let them enjoy it! You can give them small tasks, but getting themselves ready, being their for you and showing up on time is what’s most important. No one needs added distractions.
  3. Regardless of if your wedding budget is big or small, you are likely spending what feels to you, like a lot of money for one day. Why risk something going wrong or not getting to fully enjoy your day. Consider it an insurance policy of sorts.
  4. Even if you want to do many things yourself there are going to be several things you don’t want to do. Save your time and energy for the aspects of the wedding your really care about.
  5. They have connections. Wedding planners who have been in the business awhile know other reliable, talented people who have are easy to work with.
  6. They make sure things get where they needed to go, including the 110 programs you made and the 52 keys that will serve as escort cards. They also make sure things get home while you are whisked away into wedding night activities.
  7. They have done this before. It’s possible you have a sister or two who has been through the planning process before, but other than that- you have likely never done this before. You can research all you want, but experience counts. A good planner knows what you don’t even know you should know.
  8. Wedding planning is generally more stressful than anyone ever thinks it will be. Any extra help will be much appreciated, especially when it’s third party help who can give you sound advice that isn’t filled with emotions and feelings of family and friends.
  9. As perfect as everything may be planned out – shit happens. My husbands tux was missing a bowtie, one of the groomsman was missing a tux. We had to deal with these things, but not alone. I’m sure other things happened during the day too, but I can’t tell you what they all are, because my wonderful planner was handling it and I didn’t need to know.

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