Well, Hello There

I have gone through many likes and dislikes in my short lifetime. Tried a variety of hobbies and interests that I have for a few years or more thrown myself into: golf, theatre, dancing, singing. I still do them all, but nothing has really stuck. But the one thing that has always been hanging out on the sidelines, making its appearance at holiday parties and events much like a guy in the friendzone hoping to make it to the main stage, is my pure and unadulterated love for baked goods.

photo 1This photo is actually me, this happened.

My love affair with dessert began at a very young age. Some of my earliest memories involve me sitting alone, watching Mrs. Fields on the Food Network – did you even know that was a thing? Well it was. And I loved it.  I would write down recipe after recipe, because, or more specifically the Internet did not exist (I also walked 5 miles up hill both ways everywhere). In the end, I had a sad collection of recipes that I never tried because I was banned from the kitchen when my interest in cleaning did not match my enthusiasm for making.


Well, I now have a husband who understands that the few…dozens of dishes in the sink are well worth the reward. So take that, Mom! (Don’t worry, my mother did not squash my dreams of baking…she is actually the main reason for my love of parties and design, but that’s a whole other post.)


So, where was I? Oh yes, I remember: I love desserts.  They are beautiful, delicious and bring joy on so many levels.  I could stare at them all day! Sometimes I do. Thank you, Pinterest. But what I love even more than looking at them or even eating them (which is saying a lot) is the process of planning, making and presenting.

I love taking the time to plan how a dessert will fit into an event, even if that event is dinner with the family. That being said it’s not often that impromptu or random dessert happens in my house – I love themes and require an appropriate amount of hemming, hawing and a healthy amount of flow charts in order to pick and present the perfect delight.  From flavors, to dessert style, to the platter they are served on and the decorations they are surrounded by, I believe every dessert and event deserves its best chance at life. Even store bought desserts can be beautiful and awe inspiring with a little bit of love.  If there was an organization against desserts left in bakery boxes or store containers, I would be on the board…or preferably a fancy cake stand, because that’s how this group rolls.


So what does all this mean to you? Well, hopefully it means you’ve found a new place to appreciate and love desserts, or to get presentation and party ideas or even just to generally add a little joy to your day. I dream about these things in my sleep, I have notebooks filled with random drawings and ideas – the “Rain Man” of baking and party planning, if you will. I hope that through this blog I can share my ideas and make the world a lovelier, happier, albeit slightly stranger place.


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