Thanks for Nothing! Thanksgiving Cookies

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, it’s also a time for eating. Unless of course, you’re on the menu.

While many people think of pilgrims, Indians and a bountiful harvest, my mind steers towards turkeys in disguises and disgruntled side dishes. Really, not enough people spend time thinking about how it feels to be stuffing.

The cookie art is based on doodles that I created, so to keep the “doodley” look I used a combination of hand painting and edible markers to create these Thanksgiving friends. It also has a kid-friendly look!

These cookies are a slightly twisted look at your Thanksgiving table, a perfect option for a hostess or family table with a good sense of humor!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies |

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies |

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies |

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies |

If you are interested in ordering a set of these for your Thanksgiving table I have time for a few more orders!

$25 – 8 cookies (1 Turkey, 6 side dishes, 1 “Thanks”)

$30 –  10 cookies (3 Turkeys, 6 side dishes, 1 “Thanks”)

email for more information:

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