Halloween Cookies 2016!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, time of the year, season, flavor - you get the idea. It also tends to be a busy time of year, parties, anniversary, pumpkin picking, pumpkin eating. But this year, I've put some of that fall energy into baking and decorating cookies! I have several Halloween designs available this year and I am very excited to announce that I've perfected an all new Pumpkin ... Read the Post

Halloween Alice and Wonderland Cookies

Did I mention I love Halloween? There are so many directions you can go with Halloween, it's so versatile - from cute and funny to spooky and fun all the way to gruesome and gory. Generally, I tend not to be a big fan of the last one. I don't watch horror movies because they are too scary. Hocus Pocus is about my Halloween speed. Since meeting my husband I have ventured out to a few haunted ... Read the Post

Happy Halloween Eve! Halloween Cookies

I feel ashamed that it has taken me till Halloween to write about Halloween. My favorite holiday, it warrants a month long celebration of Halloween desserts, foods and decor. But I suppose my celebrating, decorating, baking and multiple trips to the pumpkin patch have kept from the blogging part! To be fair, I did manage to get in a set of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cookies, an ode to ... Read the Post