Pickler and Ben – I WON!

In case you missed it, I was recently featured on the awesome new talk show, "Pickler and Ben" for their Holiday-Bake Off. Now if this wasn't all exciting enough, the competition was not only judged by hosts, Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron, but also by Food Network's Duff Goldman and Nancy Fuller.  The show has officially launched online on CMT so you can watch it whenever, wherever and as many ... Read the Post

Dog Bone Cookie Tutorial

The holiday season is upon us and a wonderful seasonal tradition for many is making cookies! But before you rush out to the stores to stock up on cookie cutters you will use once a year (although I fully admit to having plenty of those and I will probably still buy more), take a look at what you already have or treat yourself to new cutters that you can find uses for all year round.  You can put a ... Read the Post