Sam I Am Cookies

If you were following along with my anniversary countdown, you probably got more than enough of the “Sam I Am” theme. But for those of you just joining in, my name is Sam, my husbands name is Sam and we embrace it on a regular basis. People regularly ask us if we also plan to name our children Sam, we don’t. But we do have the unique opportunity to give our children the initials, S.A.M, so that’s probably a good idea.

When our anniversary came along it only made sense to: a make my husband his own set of anniversary cookies, and to make them Sam I Am -themed. I had a little fun incorporating them into the book as well!

You can’t have “Sams” without green eggs and ham.

Green Eggs and Ham Sugar Cookies |

green egg sugar cookies |

I made a couple of designs not from the book, but inspired by Suess-like art I created for our Save the Date.

Seuss cookies |

Sam I Am Seuss Cookies |

And then one that is a replica of our cake!

Seuss cake |

The whole gang with a few pumpkins thrown in for good measure!

green-eggs-and-ham-cookies |


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