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The Internet is an amazing place. I’m new at this blogging thing, but already have met some pretty great people that I am super excited to work with. Among them are Lena and Adam, owners of Printsicle – a company that 3D prints cookies cutters – how cool is that? A growing trend, 3D printed cutters allow for more intricate cookie designs and custom options. The intricacy of the design makes them really cool but also cute without decorating, so they can be used by anyone, but I’ll be honest, I’m super excited to see what they look like iced.

I am so happy to have connected with them, both new to the cookie biz. It’s hard to break into the growing scene of cookiers and cookie products. In a bit of a cookie partnership I’ll be teaming up with them to showcase some of their awesome designs by baking and decorating cookies made with their growing selection of cutters. I’ll also be working on a recipe to share with their customers on how to bake these cookies up- which I feel super honored to do. They make cutters…I make cookies…it’s a match made in Baking Heaven.

I went back and forth about a dozen times trying to pick out my favorite cutters to start with. It was hard to choose, but I finally settled on a rose, postage stamp and an adorable teacup. They have a sweet, vintage look and I just love a tea party. I can’t wait to get them in the oven as they are really different than any other cutter I have (and I have a few).

I also couldn’t resist ordering this cute little orangutan, especially since $1 of the purchase goes to help the orangutans. You all know how I feel about cookies for a cause – which is just one more reason I am so happy to have connected with Printsicle. They have a real interest in animals and using cookies to make a difference – see, didn’t I tell you this was perfect?

Photo by

Adorable orangutan cookie cutter from Printsicle

In another exciting turn of events, my husband and I traveled to Disney World for a wedding last week (more to come on that!) and who happened to be there celebrating their anniversary? Lena and Adam! So not only did we make an awesome online connection, but we got to meet in person, too.

Printsicle and

Lena from Printsicle looking lovely, while I am excessively decked out in my Disney finest.

Keep and eye out for the many cookies to come! And check out Printsicle’s Shop on Etsy!


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