Breakfast Sugar Cookies – Papa Turns 90

Last week my grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday! Hooray Papa!

Unfortunately for him, he celebrated his 90th birthday in the hospital, but don’t worry he’s out and doing well. After getting a pace maker installed and having colon caner removed, he is as good as new! Probably even better than new, as they discovered all kinds of interesting things about his insides and made repairs accordingly. As I post this, he’s home, probably trying to see if he can swing his golf club, making laps around the neighborhood or finding other ways to ignore his doctors advice. I’m starting to realize, per Papa, it takes a decent amount of stubbornness to make it to 90, but lucky  for my family – the longevity (and stubbornness) seem to be in the genes.

breakfast sugar cookies |

I just went to see him a few of weeks ago and will be heading down again next week, but as I couldn’t be there to commemorate his big day, I wanted to make something special to send him. After all, it’s not everyday that you turn 90.

But what does one make for a mildly grumpy, constant joke telling, 90-year-old? How about his favorite meal of the day, any time of day – breakfast! He eats breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so why not dessert too? The last several times I have eaten with him (we’re talking years now,) we go to our favorite deli in Los Angeles, Brents, and he orders the same thing regardless of the time of day: french toast, eggs, bacon and of course coffee. To be fair, I know he eats other things, Chinese food and ice cream are probably pretty high on the list too, but the man never turns down french toast.

So in honor of his special day and the go ahead to eat whatever the heck he wants with his newly sized colon, I give you breakfast cookies!

Step 1: Fry up the eggs


Iced Sugar Cookie Eggs  |


Step 2: Put the bacon in the oven


Bacon Sugar Cookies  |


Step 3: Cook french toast till golden, add plenty of syrup


French Toast Sugar Cookies Iced  |


Step 4: Brew the coffee:


Coffee Cup Sugar Cookie | Sugared


Step 5: Breakfast of champions!



After a hearty meal the cookies were ready to be shipped off to Papa.


Breakfast Sugar Cookies  |


This was my first time shipping cookies, so I took extra precaution to make sure they got their safely. Each cookies was individually wrapped in plastic wrap before being wrapped and then wrapped again to a piece of cardboard. The cookies were then shipped in a box filled with bubble wrap.

Shipping Sugar Cookies  |

They arrived safely! But were not safe for long!


Happy Customer |

Like with many of my cookies and desserts once I have my idea, I often look for inspirations online and add my own twist and style. I used different I did  have an inspiration for this one, but originally didn’t share it because I couldn’t find the original source. I have now tracked them down to (I should have known) one of my favorite cookie blogs She has some beautiful cookies and great tutorials and tips for those of you interested in trying cookie decorating yourself!  I couldn’t find the picture on the her website, but here it is.




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