Muttville Sugar Cookies – Senior Citizen Day, Pugs and More

In my non-cookie baking life, I write for and run a website about taking care of and living life with dogs and another dedicated to animal rescue of all kinds. While one might not think there is much reason for dogs, baked goods and parties to overlap, there are actually quite a few instances where it does. Some of my original party blogs are actually on the dog site and are based around ... Read the Post

Pancake Cookies for a Hearty Camping Breakfast

Often people think about giving cookies as the main gift or using cookies to serve at an event, but cookies can be a great addition to enhancing a gift as well. There are endless options for incorporating cookies into a present and they are especially a great accompaniment for something like a gift card, a requested gift that you want to add a surprise to, a present that requires explanation or a ... Read the Post

Breakfast Sugar Cookies – Papa Turns 90

Last week my grandfather celebrated his 90th birthday! Hooray Papa! Unfortunately for him, he celebrated his 90th birthday in the hospital, but don't worry he's out and doing well. After getting a pace maker installed and having colon caner removed, he is as good as new! Probably even better than new, as they discovered all kinds of interesting things about his insides and made repairs ... Read the Post

“Genie, You’re Free:” Remembering Robin Williams

An icon has died and while I am not one to typically mourn the loss of celebrities I've never met, I was extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Robin Williams. As a kid and throughout my adulthood, I have believed there are only two comedic geniuses of my lifetime: Mel Brooks and Robin Williams and I knew that if I anything should ever happen to either of them, the world would suffer a ... Read the Post

A Patriotic Pennant Banner

One of my favorite crafts and decoration items is the pennant banner. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a pennant banner consists of pieces of fabric cut into triangles and connected together to form a hanging banner. They are excellent for a number of reasons, but I love how endless and customizable the options are. Literally any fabric pattern or combination of patterns can become a beautiful ... Read the Post

I Love L.A. – UCLA Graduation Cookies

So you may have noticed it's been a while. Much has been going on and in the last month I have traveled to Calistoga, Los Angeles, Alaska and Orange County, celebrated a major birthday and capped it off with a memorable road trip to Reno and Wendover, Utah. I am pretty sure I have spent more nights away than I have in my own home, but I'm back now and that means it's time to talk ... Read the Post

Going Mahjong

Many years ago my grandmother taught me how to play Mahjong. While I have to admit I have since forgotten all of the rules, she still plays at the age of 88, which is part of what makes it such a great game. I always figured I’d pick it up one day, but in the meantime I was excited to receive a request for Mahjong-themed cookies. My mother-in-law is a docent at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in ... Read the Post

Color in the Lines, Think Outside the Box

I intended to post this for Father's Day. I'm a little late, but it's never a bad time to talk about dad, especially when he is as great as mine. My father’s not much of a baker (an excellent eater though.) The one time my mother went out of town without us, we built a 7-tiered cake out of a single frozen, pound cake. We stuffed it with cool whip and every kind of fruit imaginable. It was the ... Read the Post

Well, Hello There

I have gone through many likes and dislikes in my short lifetime. Tried a variety of hobbies and interests that I have for a few years or more thrown myself into: golf, theatre, dancing, singing. I still do them all, but nothing has really stuck. But the one thing that has always been hanging out on the sidelines, making its appearance at holiday parties and events much like a guy in the ... Read the Post