Happy Halloween Eve! Halloween Cookies

I feel ashamed that it has taken me till Halloween to write about Halloween. My favorite holiday, it warrants a month long celebration of Halloween desserts, foods and decor. But I suppose my celebrating, decorating, baking and multiple trips to the pumpkin patch have kept from the blogging part! To be fair, I did manage to get in a set of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cookies, an ode to ... Read the Post

Sam I Am Cookies

If you were following along with my anniversary countdown, you probably got more than enough of the "Sam I Am" theme. But for those of you just joining in, my name is Sam, my husbands name is Sam and we embrace it on a regular basis. People regularly ask us if we also plan to name our children Sam, we don't. But we do have the unique opportunity to give our children the initials, S.A.M, so that's ... Read the Post

Happy Anniversary!

It's here! Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband! For the final celebration I'm sharing our beautiful wedding video, created by Cotton Love studios. Thank you to all my blog followers you have indulged me in sharing my wedding details for the past week and a half, is it crazy to tell you I didn't even get to all of them?! There was still a program that rhymed, a Pulp Fiction father daughter ... Read the Post

Wedding Photography – Countdown Day 1

Okay, so I missed a day in there somewhere, but by now you are likely getting sick of the wedding details anyhow. I could not end this countdown without talking about our amazing photographer, Michael, of Michael Jonathan Studios. I have been showing you glimpses of his pictures and while all beautiful shots, my favorites are the ones he took of us, our family and friends. Michael is one of ... Read the Post

Flowers Create Wedding Magic – Countdown Day 3

When I first met our florist for a consultation, I told her I didn't care if there were very many flowers at the event. I was only concerned with the inclusion of moss and pumpkins and  I could not properly name any flowers that I knew of or could say I liked. I believe I used the words "puffy," "weird" and "naked trees" to describe my idea of the perfect plants.  I also explained that we had no ... Read the Post

Cookies are the Best Medicine

Yeah, yeah I know, laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, but who doesn't love cookies? Especially when they make you laugh! It's the best of both. When I heard a very good friend of mine was spending some time in the hospital, I knew a get well soon cookie set was in order, but I wanted to do something a bit different. I could have chosen a multitude of adorable things to make, but I ... Read the Post

Why Everyone Needs a Wedding Planner – Countdown Day 4

Wedding planners are like angels, well good ones are. I can't speak for what can happen if you don't get a good one, but I imagine you could find yourself  one of those worst wedding fails lists. Our wedding planner Beth, of Beth Slavin Productions, was one of those angel planners I mentioned. A pleasure to work with, she made sure things ran smoothly, put everyone at ease and handled every ... Read the Post

Life’s a Happy Song Wedding Video – Countdown Day 5

When it comes to music our taste is a bit all over the map and we didn't choose much of our music till the final months. But there was one song in particular that we knew for sure had to be in the wedding. Most couples have a song, but at this point it should be no surprise to you that ours involves the Muppets. We had anxiously awaited the premiere of the Muppet's 2011 movie and it did not ... Read the Post

National Dessert Day, Wedding Cake and Countdown Day 6

In honor of National Dessert Day it only seems appropriate that for today's anniversary countdown we talk dessert. I love all kinds of desserts. I don't discriminate, but for some reason I had it in my head that I did not actually want a traditional wedding cake. For months I looked into options that included everything from tiny desserts and mini donuts to food trucks, pies and more. For one ... Read the Post

Costume Quest Battle Stamp Cookies

I don't consider myself a "gamer" by any means, but I enjoy me a video game or two. I have very specific requirements for my games: it must contain cute non life-like characters, preferably animals, inanimate objects, mysterious creatures, or tiny people dressed like any of those things, it must have something funny or amusing, it must have some kind of collecting and it must involve, crafts and ... Read the Post