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Dog Bone Cookie Tutorial

The holiday season is upon us and a wonderful seasonal tradition for many is making cookies! But before you rush out to the stores to stock up on cookie cutters you will use once a year (although I fully admit to having plenty of those and I will probably still buy more), take a look at what you already have or treat yourself to new cutters that you can find uses for all year round.  You can put a ... Read the Post

7 Thanksgiving Cocktails You’ll Be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, all I'm thinking about is food. But it got me thinking, everyone loves all the wonderful traditional Thanksgiving foods, spend hours before and after talking about what they're excited to eat, what tasted the best, etc but I rarely hear much about the drinks! There are plenty of wonderful Thanksgiving-themed cocktails to be had to compliment your meal and ... Read the Post

Thanks for Nothing! Thanksgiving Cookies

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, it's also a time for eating. Unless of course, you're on the menu. While many people think of pilgrims, Indians and a bountiful harvest, my mind steers towards turkeys in disguises and disgruntled side dishes. Really, not enough people spend time thinking about how it feels to be stuffing. The cookie art is based on doodles that I created, so to keep ... Read the Post

Happy Friday! Margarita Bear Cookies

As they say, "it's 5'o clock somewhere," but even if it's not, these margaritas are socially acceptable anytime of the day. And if this post does make you want to go out for an actual margarita at noon, I won't judge. It's Friday, anything goes. When I got my first box of cookies cutters, I went through several of them and drew the shape onto paper. I then looked at them all and decided what ... Read the Post

Golden Retriever Cookies

Thanksgiving is almost here and I have many exciting cookies desserts in the works, I also plan to have a serious conversation with you about pumpkins, but first I have a bit of catching up to do! This doggie set is a very special one made for my very oldest (longest time- she's not actually old) and dearest friend Preethi and her husband Phillip who recently welcomed their first puppy to their ... Read the Post