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Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Cookies for Go Bo Bake Sale

I am a huge fan of the Peanuts, pumpkins and all things Halloween, so it should come as no surprise that "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" tops the list as one of my favorite movies. I have it on VHS, Blu-Ray and an awesome iPad version of the book. If this is already sounding weird, I should probably refrain from mentioning that I also spent a couple of years dancing as Peanuts character at ... Read the Post

Orangutan Cookies

Earlier this week I told you about the awesome 3-D printed cookie cutters from Printsicle.  Among the collection was an adorable orangutan cookie cutter. I have a couple of big ideas ahead for this cookie cutter, but I decided to start with the orangutans in their purist form, enjoying their festive jungle settings. I just love orangutans, it's going to be hard to eat these guys, I'm kind of ... Read the Post

Printsicle Cookie Cutters

The Internet is an amazing place. I'm new at this blogging thing, but already have met some pretty great people that I am super excited to work with. Among them are Lena and Adam, owners of Printsicle - a company that 3D prints cookies cutters - how cool is that? A growing trend, 3D printed cutters allow for more intricate cookie designs and custom options. The intricacy of the design makes them ... Read the Post

Guinea Pig Cookies for a Pignic!

One of the many weird things you will learn about me here is my fascination with odd looking animals. One such creature is the Guinea Pig. Since my childhood I have wanted to have my very own squeaking, jellybean of a pet, and for Valentine's Day, my husband (who knows me very well) got me my very own. It turns out however, that you cannot have just one, or at least you shouldn't and in a very odd ... Read the Post